Machita Denny 


Peter Traves 
Education Adviser at Traves Consultancy Ltd 
"Machita worked with great sensitivity and commitment on behalf of autistic children. She had the rare capacity to combine unrelenting advocacy on their behalf with diplomatic skills to engage other partners. She was more responsible than any other person for raising the profile of autism in the county. She is extremely articulate and very well organised." 
Tom Fisher 
"Impeccable, helpful and brilliant advice, from a woman who knows how to help families and individuals in need of advise or further action. Machita personallyhelped me though a though period of my life when I was younger and recently diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, she helped my mum seek answer that she needed. Thank you for all your hard work over the years for me and my mum as well as countless other families'' 
Prison Officer 
Great material and talk given at the workplace which was highly relavant and useful information for the job role. Had not got a clue about autism beforehand. Machita definitley has a pssion to help and deliver the correct informtion with plenty of examples along the way. 
Gail Sephton 
''I attended your 'Intro to Autism' course at Cannock Fire Station last year and you were amazing and inspirational :)''