Machita Denny 

  Insight Autism Consultancy: What Can It Do For You?   

Insight Autism Consultancy provides detailed information, support, training and strategies relating to Autism including Aspergers Syndrome in a variety of ways which are: 
Suitable for all: 
• organisations: public, private and third sector 
• professionals, staff and volunteers 
• carers 
• family members 
• parents 
• individuals who have autism 
• provide services for 
• care for 
• support 
• live with 
• come in contact with 
people who have autism 
Insight Autism Consultancy will provide you with: 
• a detailed insight into Autism including Aspergers Syndrome 
• share what it is like to live with autism in today’s environment 
• bring to life the world of the person you 
care for and support 
• provide you with many useful autism 
friendly strategies 
• improve the quality of life of the person 
you care for and support 
• improve your quality of life 
• reduce their stresses and anxieties 
• reduce your stresses and anxieties 
Pricing depends on what is 
provided within your personalised package which could be: 
• Group training and presentations 
• Conference training and presentations 
• Consultancy services for organisations 
and individuals 
• One to one provision 
• Telephone or email consultancy 
• Advocacy Services 
• Guest Speaker 
• Individual family support 
• Project work 
• Conference organiser 
I will provide these services for you in a way that meets your needs such as individual discussions, group briefings, expert solutions to any problems or issues that will ensure that your service is tailor made, timely and appropriate to your circumstances 
and situation. 
Through a unique understanding and insight into autism gained from many years of personal and professional experiences, I will provide practical and manageable strategies and approaches that can be used effectively on a daily basis. 
I will demystify autism and translate the text book into real life helping you to see the world from an autistic perspective. 
The outcomes and benefits are multiple: increased understanding, confidence, knowledge and skill relating to autism. These will ensure you are providing appropriate, individual and timely support whether you are a personal carer right through to an organisation. 

Machita Denny: Talks about Autism on YouTube