Machita Denny 

  About Machita  

I am a nationally recognised autism specialist providing a unique approach and insight into living with and learning about autism and how it affects and presents in individuals. 
My right of passage into the world of autism was kindly given to me by my amazing children who both have autism. It has been and continues to be a privilege to join them in their unique approach to life. Now adults, our journey together has its many ups and downs: to be honest many times I have not been sure we would get through but with resilience and a belief that anything is possible we have made it this far. My inspiration and determination to help others understand autism has come from my sons and others like them who often endure lack of understanding and insensitivity from those around them. 
I have a nursing background which came to an end when I needed to dedicate my time to caring for and advocating on behalf of my family. The need to be proactive led me to set up and run a successful local autism Charity for ten years. The experiences and knowledge this brought me are invaluable. I also campaign and advocate on behalf of autism at a local, regional and national level in many ways. 
Now, it is time to dedicate my time to educating and improving the knowledge of all people who come into contact with a person who has autism: a huge task but one which I relish and know will have an immense positive impact on those that are willing to invest in learning and understanding autism better.