Machita Denny 

  Welcome to Insight Autism Consultancy, a Bespoke Service Owned and Run by Machita Denny  

Insight Autism Consultancy is a unique service based in Staffordshire providing local, regional and national autism services. Machita will provide a tailor made service that is designed to meet your needs relating to Autism which includes Aspergers Syndrome. 
Machita’s unique approach gives you an insight into the world of autism, the only way to truly know what it is like to have and live with autism on a daily basis. Translating “text book autism” into real life will enable you to appropriately and sensitively support a person who has autism. The outcomes for the person and those supporting that person are amazing and will transform your worlds into a more positive place. 
If you are living with, supporting, caring for or providing services for a person who has autism it is essential that you have an in depth knowledge of how autism affects that person to be able to appropriately meet their needs: nothing else will do. 
If you are a person who has autism, Machita can provide a range of support individually designed to meet your needs. 
Autism affects a significant percentage of the population and the impact this has on the people affected is substantial, often with a high financial and personal cost. It does not need to be like this: with increased understanding of autism and knowing how it affects individuals, applying the right strategies and approaches, being aware of the environment and how to communicate appropriately will dramatically reduce the negative impact autism has on all those who live with it and alongside it. 
Machita knows her approaches work: she uses them on a daily basis within her own family and in her professional life. What could be a better recommendation and a good reason to contact Insight Autism Consultancy. 
I look forward to hearing from you.